Why a Hospital Needs HIMS Software?

Improved Information management :   Computerisation streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow in the hospital to provide 24x7 anytime, anywhere access to information which is a vital part of today’s healthcare

Efficiency in administration : Computerisation facilitates decision making and helps to synergize the resources namely men, material, money and equipments that results in efficient administration

Better space utilisation : Elimination of paper based medical record results in space saving which can be put to better use

Cost benefit : Computerisation results in huge cost saving by reduced number of supervisory staff, minimal inventory levels and reduced wastage

Improved end user satisfaction : Through automation of processes, computerisation enables  improved response to demands of patient care and freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of services creating more satisfied clients

MED-E-NOVA Advantage

MED-E-NOVA is an Advance Hospital Software conceived with a vision to transform hospital working ethos from present day paper based operations to 100% paperless mode.

MED-E-NOVA is powerful, flexible & easy to use and has been designed & developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals

MED-E-NOVA is a web based software. It can be accessed anywhere anytime using a computer having access to internet.

MED-E-NOVA has a number of interconnected modules to extensively cover complete functionality of any health care organisation ranging from a small sized Nursing home to a superspeciality hospital.

MED-E-NOVA provides web interface for the patients to interact with the hospital and get updated with their medical records and for online consultation with doctor

Linkage of HIMS with hospital website facilitate online appointments, submission of online HR applications, Obtain online feedback from users, receive online rate quotations etc

MED-E-NOVA has an extensive inbuilt clinical database and unlike other medical softwares available in the market

MED-E-NOVA gives facility to record clinical findings via selection of desired option from drop down menu

Working on MED-E-NOVA is much faster as doctors are not required to type on computer

Complete inpatient management by doctors and nurses is carried out online obviating the need for any paper based case record

Discharge/Transfer summary is generated automatically by insertion of desired pre-recorded information thus making the whole process smooth and fast

MED-E-NOVA has been designed in a manner to comprehensively cover all HR and accounting activities which helps an organisation to do away with all paper based personnel records

MED-E-NOVA is easily customisable to suit the specific needs of an organisation

In a nutshell MED-E-NOVA is a one stop solution for all computerisation needs of any forward thinking healthcare organisation at a cost that is much lower than the benefits it offers