Pharmacy Module

Pharmacy Module

Pharmacy module is designed to maintain drug formulary with complete drug details such as composition, strength, name of company, price etc. The module facilitates online generation of drug prescriptions, online generation and receiving of indents, online stock management, online billing, online monitoring of drug expiry and all other activities required for efficient management of pharmacy.




Online maintenance of Drug inventory with drug details such as composition, pack size, strength, name of manufacturer, real time stock position, MRP etc.

Generation of online prescription by doctors by selection of desired drug, route of administration, dose, frequency, duration etc.

Display of online prescription at chemist desk and auto generation of online bill.

Provision for FIFO at the time of issue of drugs.

Monitoring of Drug expiry and provision for writing off expired drugs.

Online generation of purchase demand.

Provision to receive and issue online indents.

Provision to return drugs to vendors OR receive sold drugs from customers.

Provision for stock entry of drugs on easy to use format.

Provision to give discounts at the time of sale of drugs.

Generation of MIS reports such as patientwise bill record, total sale report, Profit loss report etc.