Delivery Room Module

Delivery Room Module

Delivery room module facilitates clinical management of pregnant patient at the time of delivery, online monitoring and recording of online delivery notes. Unique feature of delivery module is temporary registration of newborn at the time of admission of mother, thereby facilitating the Paediatrician to record online clinical findings of New born at birth.




Patient advised admission for delivery is transferred to Delivery room online.

At the time of admission of patient for delivery, a temporary registration number is generated for baby or babies (in case of multiple pregnancy) so as to facilitate the Paediatrician to record online clinical findings of the New born at birth.

Doctors and Nurses monitor and record their findings online.

Delivery notes are recorded online on a user friendly format which makes the process much faster and convenient than manual recording.

Additional provision for recording multiple births, births by different modes in the same patient etc.

A very unique feature of MED-E-NOVA is that New born clinical details are recorded online on a specially designed format having facility to record resuscitation details by selection.