Inpatient Management Module

Inpatient Management Module

Inpatient Management Module is the KEY MODULE of MED-E-NOVA. The module captures all nursing and doctor activities comprehensively. Major time consuming task of doctors is to make discharge/transfer summary of patients. MED-E-NOVA Inpatient Management Module has been developed for online management of admitted patients and generation of online discharge/transfer summary at click of mouse thereby drastically reducing the time and effort of making manual discharges. MED-E-NOVA has succeeded where most of the other HIMS softwares have failed i.e. in generation of 100% online patient record and doing away with manual case sheets



Admission advise is generated online.

Patient is allocated Room and bed after checking online bed occupancy status.

Admission ticket is generated online after billing at front desk.

Patient is received online by respective nursing staff, thereby doing away with bulky admission register.

Patient’s clinical details recorded online before admission are automatically displayed on admission, thereby doing away with duplicate effort by resident doctor in creating online patient record. 

Progress notes and treatment are recorded online by consultants and resident doctors.

Similarly all other clinical activities such as advising investigations, recording vitals monitoring, adding/changing diagnosis, referring patient to another consultant, recording visit by consultant etc. are recorded online by Doctors. 

Facility for online viewing of past patient record viz: past OPD visits, Indoor admissions, Investigation reports etc.

Unique facility to access Nurse desk by Consultants and view all nursing activities from doctor desk. 

Treatment prescribed/ modified online by doctor is displayed on Nurse desk whereas in most of the available HIMS, this is done manually by nursing staff.

Nurse indents and receives medicines online. 

All treatment given by Nurse is recorded online without any need for maintaining physical records. Medicine details such as Batch no., Date of expiry etc. are recorded automatically.

MED-E-NOVA has a unique facility for rounding off of medicine dose in case full pack size is not utilised especially in case of injections.

Nurse can transfer patient to different Inpatient care areas online.

At the time of discharge/transfer, doctor inserts patient's clinical information through selection and online summary is generated in fraction of time compared to the time taken to generate a manual summary thus saving great deal of precious time of doctors.

All discharges/transfer/death summaries etc. are issued from nurse desk after she records clearance from various service areas like pharmacy, front desk, kitchen etc.

Total process of Indoor patient care remains paperless and no manual case sheets are maintained thereby making hospital an eco-friendly zone by reducing the use of paper.

Additionally, Final patient bill is generated automatically, capturing all billable activities viz: doctor visits, operative and non operative procedures, investigations advised, medicines and consumables used, physiotherapy treatment etc. in real-time thereby making patient management at front desk faster and more efficient.

Facility to generate alert in case the advance deposit amount falls below minimum level.