Investigation Module

Investigation Module

MED-E-NOVA Investigation module has been developed extensively to capture each and every aspect of investigation activity viz: investigation requisition, billing, sample receiving and transportation, sample testing and reporting and finally online report despatch.  The module covers complete functionality of Biochemistry lab, Serology lab, Haematology lab, Cytology lab, Histo-pathology lab, Immunology lab, Microbiology lab, Radiological and other special investigations




Online investigation requisition is made by doctor from his desk by selecting desired investigation from fast search menu.

Bedside investigation can be advised separately

Online billing for selected test is done automatically on front desk

MED-E-NOVA investigation module has facility to record instructions for the patient as well as to give separate appointment time for different tests in the same bill.

MED-E-NOVA investigation module has facility to handle billing of external patients also with equal ease.

Test report is entered on report format in a fast and convenient way. Descriptive reports are recorded using templates

Normal range of each test is displayed for ready reference and any variation in test report is highlighted automatically.

MED-E-NOVA  investigation module has provision for putting electronic signatures of pathologist on test reports.

Test report is transmitted online to patient record where the same can be viewed by the treating doctor

Test report is also displayed on hospital website from where it can be viewed by the patient in a secure manner by using online password generated from software.

Radiology Module has facility for transmission of Radiograpg image to remote location for Telereporting.