Dialysis Management Module

Dialysis Management Module

Dialysis Management Module is a boon to organisations dedicated to Dialysis Service in a Standalone or in Multi Unit Dialysis Centres. This module has been designed by experts keeping in mind the Clinical as well as Administrative requirements of managing Dialysis centres.

Dialysis Management Module facilitates Online registration of patients, Generating Online Medical Prescription, Online Billing, Online Recording of Dialysis procedure, Online Monitoring of Patient during Dialysis and Auto Generation of Clinical and Accounting reports


On registration patient is given online appointment for the Nephrologist for treatment advice.

Provision for direct registration of patient for Dialysis.

Nephrologist records patient's complaints, history, examination, diagnosis, investigation and treatment advise online. Further, planning for dialysis cycles is also done online.

Total prescription generation activity is carried out by selection of desired option from an extensive clinical data base without the need for typing, thereby making the process faster and user friendly.

Subsequent to advice by Nephrologist patient is required to make online payment at billing counter.

After online payment, Dialysis procedure is started and procedure details such as Dialysis start time, Dialysis end time, Pre procedure weight, post procedure weight etc. are recorded online.

Additionally, all vital parameters such as Pulse, BP, RR, SPO2 etc. are also recorded online periodically.

All clinical and accounting activities carried out on patients are captured and various reports generated online.