Online Appointment Module

Online Appointment Module

MED-E-NOVA has been developed with the sole aim to facilitate Doctor Patient interaction and its Online Appointment Module is an important step in this direction. Online Appointment Module of MED-E-NOVA interconnects the hospital website with HIMS and facilitates the patients to choose the consultant online as per their requirement and schedule appointment as per their convenience.



Replication of Patient appointment and Registration platform of hospital HIMS on hospital website.

Facility to generate unique patient ID online by filling registration form.

Facility to display details of patients already registered with the hospital.

Facility to the patients to edit their details online which get automatically updated in hospital records.

Facility to choose consultants and book online appointment as per the convenience of the patient.

On selection of a particular time slot of a consultant, the time slot gets blocked and cannot be allotted to another patient.

On reaching the hospital at designated time, patient is not required to re-register at reception and can see the doctor directly.