MIS Reports Module

MIS Reports Module

The Management Information System (MIS) module provides information related to the performance of the different departments of the hospital. It provides reports to the management for analysis of the effectiveness of various functions performed within the organization. It provides statistical tools for the analysis of data and supports the decision making process of the management. The module provides the facility to export data into various formats for further manipulation. Thus MIS module provides a Hawk Eye view of the overall effectiveness of the Healthcare Organization. 



Auto generation of large number of statistical reports. 

Powerful reporting tools for statistical analysis of data.

Provision for exporting data in Excel format for easy manipulation as per the requirement of health care management.

Department wise and doctor wise generation of various clinical performance reports.

Auto generation of report of immunised children facilitates monitoring and generation of SMS reminders for immunisation.

Auto generation of report of ANC patients facilitates monitoring and generation of SMS reminders for next ANC visit.

Auto generation of report of utilisation of various hospital service.

Auto generation of patient census, bed occupancy and admitted patient outcome reports.

Auto generation of morbidity and mortality reports; both in outpatient and inpatient areas.