What Makes Us Different?

Innovative Medisoft, a young IT company has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Today it can boast of a long client list who have turned company ambassadors out of their rich and satisfying experience with us. At Innovative Medisoft we don't create Clients; we build relations.

Our team is composed of highly skilled Information Technology professionals. We help grow Medium Enterprises into Large Organisations and Firms into Companies by our Technological support and Vision. We aim to be known worldwide for our quality products and services.

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What Users Are Saying

When you combine outstanding performance and competitive pricing with best-in-class support people start talking...

I have worked in Govt. organisations in different administrative capacity for last 26 years. I have been associated with quite a few HIMS software projects for implementation in Govt.hospitals. I have also been involved in implementation of National programmes in senior capacity and have had exposure to v...   read more

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

Chairman & Medical Director, Suryadeep Hospital

MED-E-NOVA has a very user friendly option for selection of medicines from vast database displaying medicine composition, brand, price etc. This makes the task of prescription writing very easy and fast. Further, facility to view patient’s past clinical record, both outpatient and indoor record on c...   read more

Dr.Rajnish Kumar


I have had opportunity to work in large corporate hospitals, but working on MED-E-NOVA has been a very enlightening experience. MED-E-NOVA has a unique feature of capturing infant data online and generate Growth chart with colourful depiction of growth pattern. Additionally, all clinical work in OPD as we...   read more

Dr.Vineet Kwatra

Paediatrician & Neonatologist

I have had experience of working in large number of hospitals in NCR. I have seen growth of computerisation in hospitals over the years, however MED-E-NOVA is unique in the sense that it provides a platform where doctors can select options from extensive data base and complete patient clinical detai...   read more

Dr.Paramjeet Singh

Laparoscopic Surgeon

I have got opportunity of working on some great HIMS softwares at International level. Most of the hospital softwares available provide platform where doctors are required to type clinical findings or insert preformed templates. MED-E-NOVA is one hospital management software which provides extensive clini...   read more

Dr.Anubhav Gulati

Orthopaedician & Arthroscopic Surgeon

I am not a very computer savvy person and have been working offline for many years. Initially I was apprehensive in working online for clinical activities, however after using MED-E-NOVA I have found it to be very user friendly. I feel that the key feature of the hospital management software is the facili...   read more


Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

MED-E-NOVA is a boon for Gynaecologists. Patient’s EDD, POG etc.are calculated by the software at the click of mouse. Additionally,HMIS software has facility to generate online ANC card containing all clinical details of patients serially. Similarly, performing other clinical activities such as onli...   read more

Dr.Garima Singh

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

I have been using MED-E-NOVA for past one year. I have found it very user friendly from the beginning and as more and more data related to patient complaint, examination etc. has been constantly added to it, it has become even better and more versatile. I feel MED-E-NOVA HMIS software has a futuristic out...   read more

Dr.Sachin Handa

ENT Surgeon

MED-E-NOVA hospital management software is fast and easy to use with options at all levels to choose from expansive database. I have not come across a similar HIMS software which can be used for all kinds of day to day clinical activities. I can view all nursing activities through software while sitting o...   read more

Dr.Kaumudi Sharma

Resident Doctor

An amazing software!!  MED-E-NOVA hospital management software has been uniquely designed with a huge clinical database which makes it very user friendly. Even when I am surrounded by patients in emergency, I am able to enter patient data on the hospital software. I will recommend that all hospitals ...   read more

Dr.Savitha Deepak

Resident Doctor

MED-E-NOVA hospital software is very easy to understand, user friendly and provides facility for extensive and elaborate clinical data recording across specialities. Further, patient records can be retrieved easily without hassles. The reports generated for patient care are very pr...   read more


Resident Doctor

A superb product resulting from Innovation and hard work. This product has a potential to revolutionise the working in hospitals. MED-E-NOVA hospital management software has captured all hospital activities extensively which puts it much ahead than present generation HIMS softwares. We have been usi...   read more

Mrs.Savita Ghai

Hospital Administrator

I have been working on Tally for accounting activities for many years. When I was asked to switch to MED-E-NOVA hospital management software for accounting activities, I had my reservations. However, now I have used MED-E-NOVA HIMS software for over a year and I have found that this hospital software is s...   read more

Mr.Pradeep Yadav

Chartered Accountant

I have worked in large hospital establishments in South India but I have not come across any HIMS software which is so user friendly for nursing activities. On MED-E-NOVA hospital management software we raise and receive online indent and make entry after dispensing drugs, record online monitoring, transf...   read more


Nursing Supervisor

When I was asked to work on MED-E-NOVA hospital management software I was very apprehensive as I had no exposure of computer use. However I was encouraged by my supervisor and in 2-3 days time I learnt to perform all nursing activities on the hospital software. Now I am using MED-E...   read more

Hem Lata


I have worked as a receptionist in a number of hospitals in NCR. In all my previous assignments, I have worked on hospital management software for carrying out front desk activities. However after working on MED-E-NOVA HIMS software, I find that this hospital software has so much flexibility that it is so...   read more

Priyanka Mishra

Front Desk Manager

I am a pharmacist and running a chemist shop in NCR for over 15 years and all these years I have maintained manual records. When I was asked to switch to MED-E-NOVA hospital software, I was not very confident. Now after one and a half year of working on MED-E-NOVA I feel that my efficiency has incre...   read more

Mr.Anjum Aggarwal