System requirement

System requirement

The entire solution is developed using Microsoft Technologies on a Client Server Architecture platform. This technology is highly scalable and provides optimal performance. The security features of this technology are well explored and embedded in the solution.

The back-end database is on MS SQL, which supports huge data transactions with secured access and optimal performance. This is highly scalable. However the system can be ported to other RDBMS also. The entire network will be on TCP/IP backbone.

System REquirement for Optimal performance


Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard OR Enterprise Edition running IIS 7.0 OR higher

Database Server: MS SQL 2008

Proper Anti-virus and Firewall features should be there

Hardware: Processor Core I5 OR Xeon, 2.2 GHz OR higher; RAM 4 GB; Hard Disk 1 TB @ 7200 RPM


Client Nodes

 Pentium powered PC running MS Windows 7 OR higher having following cofiguration; RAM 1 GB, Processor speed 1.2 GHz,